The Chosen Seed

She expected something very different out of love. She had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of deep passion, and was resigned to putting her feelings at risk. If you asked her what it was she was gambling her emotions on to win, she would not have been able to say. She knew what she did want, however, and that was exactly what she valued above all else.
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In memory of the Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died today at 87, a look back at Jon Lee Anderson’s 1999 Profile of the writer:

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How much of my brain is willfully my own? How much is not a rubber stamp of what I have read and heard and lived? Sure, I make a sort of synthesis of what I come across, but that is all that differentiates me from another person?
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apple (fruit).

Etymology: French, from Latin poma, plural of pomum.

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